Feels like London …

… at least it is what they say about London and England.
It is known to be foggy.


This morning it has been foggy when I looked out of the window.
And it is still foggy.

This is very rarely for Berlin.
I hardly can remember the last issue.

Strange feeling when you look outside and can’t see everything properly.
The world is blurry today.

I even got the feeling that the fog is taking the sound away.
It was not that loud as it used to be.
(Maybe that is an result of my cold and not of the fog?)

I took these photos this morning.
Used the program for night-shots.


[nggallery id=16]

7 Replies to “Feels like London …”

  1. Great photo’s! You are right England is quite often foggy especially this time of the year. We don’t get fog in Turkey, well not this part of Turkey anyway so it’s awhile since i’ve seen fog.

    1. thanks dianne 🙂

      i can imagine that you hardly get fog in turkey
      to me turkey is a land full of sunshine – but i guess you have rainy and colder days too

  2. lol, this reminds me a lot of home! here in Redditch, it is often like this! dull, and dreary, foggy, misty and very, very wet! :/

    Although, in your pictures it looks more like a ‘scary’ movie set than here!

    1. he he 🙂

      i have recently posted a picture on my facebook profile – with the village green and sunshine
      a wonderful morning

      today same perspective but all fog and scariness 🙂
      we are not used to this kind of mist and wetness

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

    1. that would have been great alessa – your fog versus my fog
      but since that day there has never been fog again.
      maybe in 5 years 🙂

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