Font of the Week (12) – Harrington

Today’s font is a very lovely font, really suitable for this lovely first day of spring we are experiencing in Berlin. My friend Laura made me aware of that font. It was stored in my font-library and yet our paths haven’t crossed yet. Thanks Laura – btw. Laura is the writer of a fantastic blog “Vodka Logic” –  if you can spare a minute, step by and say hi!

And now we are saying hi to Harrington:



It was a bit difficult to find some information about Harrington. You can download it nearly via all the free font sites … but yet it seems to have its secrets. But the font is such a beauty that it was difficult to hide completely.

It was created in 1991 by Sam Wang, an unknown typesetter.

But the origin of Harrington has to be in the times of art nouveau with it’s floral swirls.

Year of Design



Harrington is a single font with just one weight


My first impression of the font: just lovely.

It is a decorative font with tiny serifs and swirls.
Some letters are very interesting – just have a look at the “g” or capital “E”.
Harrington comes along with a full character set – even the German characters for a-umlaut ä , o-umlaut ö and u-umlaut ü are available!

It appears to be a female and elegant font.


To me the usage of the font is quite simple.

Anything that needs a decorative font. Maybe a love letter to your sweety – written in Harrington?
Certainly also great for invitation cards.

I also would consider the font for headlines for biographies – maybe the biography of a lady who was born at the end of the 19th or beginning of the 20th century.


Lore ipsum


This confirms my idea to use the font for headlines. Easy to read in big font sizes, difficult to read in smaller sizes.

What I like about the font

I like the playful, feminine, decorative character of the font.

It is very elegant. Although it is font you have to notice due to it’s serenity, it is also modest!

And yes I am in love with the swirls. Looking at it, I can see butterflies dancing in the air.

Letter gallery

[nggallery id=23]


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  1. Thanks for the shout out Helen. Wish I was as good a blogger as you.

    I found Harrington looking for a font to print my poems in, for a book I’m making for my parents. Who knew there was a history behind fonts.

    Very interesting.

    1. you are very welcome my dear :)
      and thanks for mentioning this beautiful font.

      you are a pretty good blogger :) you are the very first person i have met who is writing a blog!

      yes that.s a good idea too … using the font for poems.
      there is always a history behind fonts, which fascinates me so much :)

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