At the Bookfair

Once a year there is a bookfair in the lovely town of Leipzig. We at Helz-Design have a great experience in typesetting books. We layout books in the traditional way for printing but we also produce e-books. Therefore it was close enough to make a trip to the bookfair in Leipzig.

Saturday March 16th we took the train to Leipzig. We also planned to visit a friend in Leipzig, who spontaneously offered couch and bed. Hurray a weekend-trip.

Train ride from Berlin to Leipzig takes only 1 hour and 17 minutes. Hey we could do this trip more often, right?
Unfortunately the morning train leaves Berlin-Central at 7:57 am. We had to catch the metro in Hermsdorf 6:50something. Metro just runs every 20 minutes on an early Saturday morning. Yes we left the office at 6:30. Actually we had thought about not sleeping that night, since graphic-designers are not famous for being early birds. We are nightingales.
Train was jammed, so we congratulated ourselves in having ordered reservations. Not very funny spending the train-ride sitting on the floor.
Leipzig happened to be as snowy as Berlin. Far to cold for this time of the year.
Our friend caught the team at Leipzig-Central. Jammed places seemed to be the theme song of Leipzig this weekend. Jammed tram, jammed loo, jammed everything.
While arriving at the fair we have been pleased that being a trade visitor makes life easier now and then. No crowed entrance for traded visitors, easy access to the fair. WOW.
Exhibition halls in Leipzig are quite modern. They look pretty interesting. The halls are connected with glassy tubes. Walking through these tubes gives you a strange feeling.

Main Hall at Leipzig Exhibition
Main Hall at Leipzig Exhibition


Detail Exhibition

One of the highlights, next to all these lovely new books, have been so called Cosplayers. We never heard of them before last weekend.
The first ones we saw at the train. Girls and ladies in cute dresses with laces at the edges and lovely ribbons in their hair. At first we thought of a hen’s night. But the son of CEO Helen enlightened us.

Cosplay is a Japanese costume play”

They perform Animee-, Manga- or Comic-characters. Most important is to have a costume truth to the original. Some will buy such a costume, others will sew such a costume all by themselves.

Cosplayer – weapon check



Laconically Helen’s son told us: “Sometime you feel naked if you are not dressed like a cosplayer.”

Main Hall

Actually we felt naked in hall 2, where they presented all the manga and animee books, although we had been fully and decently dressed!

Overall impression of the book fair:

  • very interesting
  • very educational

We had had the chance of some lovely chats, mainly on the issue “book-on-demand”, which is a new requirement of our customers. Some e-books will be published as printed books too, no classically publisher is demanded. You don’t have to publish an e-book before having your book published via “book-on-demand”.

Soonish we will write another blog post about this topic.

We learned a lot about modern book production. A nice publisher told us, that Leipzig is the fair for authors and Frankfurt the one for publishers and producers. Hey, a good opportunity for a trip in fall to Frankfurt.

We saw so many great and lovely books, not only because of title, author or content, but also because of the way of production. Fantastic fonts, book covers with punchings or boxed sets made out of wood. The team lovey such cute and geeky stuff.

And hey, it is fantastic to see, how our competitors had solved certain problems.

Finally Leipzig is worth a visit without the bookfair as well. On Sunday we made a lovely walk through the city and caught many pictures. You will see some of them in April in our sister blog „City Life Picture“.

St Paul at Augustus-Place/Leipzig

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