TypoTip: Typographical Commandments: Don’t deform a Font

Don’t deform a Font!

It should be self-evident! Really, it hurts me, when I sometimes have to watch how some people treat fonts. They tweak them, scale them, drag them, they do any harm to them they can think of. I am pretty sure that the little letters feel hurt, like it hurts me.

Why not?

Fonts are art work, created by a typographer who thought a lot getting the most into the  font.

If you don’t like the way your font look, or don’t like the type, don’t try to tweak it, look for another font!

Ok, we don’t have unlimited fonts, but there are some more than 20! Why 20? That’s the number a friend guessed, when I asked her to estimate how many fonts a junkie me would store on her HD.  No, not 20, not 50, not even just 100. My font folder got more than 50,000 different font files, including different types.

Here is a beautiful  example of the Myriad, a font family with lots of types:

Myriad Fontfamily

You can tag as much as you  want. No need to torture your font, to slant it or bold it artificially, just because you didn’t choose a font with enough types.

Just have a look at some examples!

slanted vs italic
slanted vs italic

Just have a look at the letters, e.g. the small a. You will realize a significant difference between the wrong, slanted letters to the real italic, that bases on an own font type.

We could do the same with bold. You could bold something on your own by adding an outline to it. NO STOP, don’t do it!

false vs real bold
false vs real bold

You won’t be able to read your text properly, if you add outlines to bolden. For our example I have chosen  “TheSerif”