Color and Psychology: Grey, White, Black

And another step into the world of color and psychology, today it is grey, white and black. Sounds a bit monotonous, but it is not.

grau Grey

When people think grey, they think also: monotony, tristesse, melancholy, misery or plain Jane, who can be found in every office. In German these people are conected to mice due to the grey coat, which makes them nearly invisible.

People working with photoshop, use quite often a so called neutral grey, to work for example with dodge and burn.


Grey Clouds
Grey Clouds

Grey is a very neutral, very functional, kind of reserved color. Grey reminds you of metal. So it is quite obvious, while companies dealing with technology love to use grey for their logos.

And everybody has to deal with grey, just think of you hair and when it will start to lose its beautiful color and will get grey.
That’s why grey is a symbol of age and also of wisdom. Or think of the grey cardinal, pulling the strings behind the scenes. Maybe they are full of wisdom or just simply got the power.

Maybe that’s why so many business people prefer a grey suit or grey costume? It is supposed to appear elegant, reliable and qualified. But grey can be boring soonish..


grey metal
grey metal


There is no other color which is darker. Black means the complete absence of light and also of life. In our culture black is the color of death and of grief.

Black is conected with evil, with darkness, with threat or sin.

Markets which are forbidden are called black market.
Or think of informal work, which is called black labor.

Black is also a color of power and dignity. Black appears to be noble, just think of black velvet, or also very sportive. It just depends how it is arranged.
Black is also the color of  designers, who love to wear black. Black is exclusive but also very serious.

black night
black night


White is the opposite of black. It is the lightest color, which means: maximum light.
White can be very cool, cold and very  neutral. It is clean, pure and innocent.


Many people live in entire appartments. Maybe because it fits with everything, no matter which color your sofa or carpet will have?

White is connected with integrity, perfection, virtue and truth.
Innocent, virgin brides where a white dress for their wedding. It is still a custom in these days, but I doubt if every bride is still a virgin at her wedding.

White is the color of peace, which is also symbolized by a white flag or a white dove.

On the negative side there is perfection, which is not all the time a bad thing. It is also the vein for abstraction and coolth.
Cold white snow for example.
In some cultrues white is the color of grief.


white snow
white snow



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