Colors and Psychology: Cyan and Magenta

Now we are at the end of our little series. Today we have a look at the other two colors, which are necessary for printing with CMYK: Cyan and Magenta.

Colors and their Psychology: Cyan and Magenta



Some people like to call cyan blue or turquoise.

Pure cyan has its major role in printing.

Many connotations we have with blue, apply as well for cyan. Cyan is a pure and light color which awakes desires. Some think of the oceans of the South Pacific,lagoons when thinking of cyan or turquoise.

But this color can also awake distance, coolness or the feeling of cold as ice.


colors and Psychology: Cyan and Magenta: Lagoon in Paradise
Lagoon in Paradise



The second missing printing color is magenta. German Telekom is well known for its magenta logo.
In fashion this color is known  as pink, which is a very strong red-rose.

This color polarize as much as violet.
Magenta or Pink can take away your energies, so you should use it  wisely.
No matter what, magenta will make you as much visible as red does.

This pinkish tone is a synonym for femininity. Magenta is also connected with psychic powers, probably due to its closeness to the violet of the magicians.
Magenta stands for a rich emotional life, but otherwise it is regarded to be arrogant or snobistic.

When thinking of brands with magenta logos: please, what you think is your business.

Magenta Cosmea
Magenta Cosmea

Hopefully you enjoyed this little excursus to the wold of color and interpretations or what is hidden behind 😀

I am quite happy that my life is full of colors and also that I am living in this century. So  I don’t have to think about if a vertain color might be not appropriate for my social class, as it had been in former centuries.


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