In addition to the old-fashioned, printed books, e-books have become something like state of the art in our times.

As usual, you got more than just one opinion. You could get a traditional pdf-file, which you can upload to your website or to anĀ  online-services like issuu.com or yumpu.com, to make it available for a broader audience.

In addition to that you have the option to have your book neatly done with html or using the e-pub possibilities of InDesign and then to convert it to one of the publishing formats for the platform you want to use.

Your advantage?

I am your partner for the technical handling of all the said publishing possibilities. I have a broad knowledge of these possibilities and can also quickly learn any new process in a developing and changing market.

I will layout your e-book, program it neatly via html and will create the desired format. All work will be done with the latest software.

You will get a quote based on the expected effort per 1000 characters.

Please send me an e-mail.


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