Digital Art

You have probably heard the term “this is photoshopped” for digital art. Usually we use it when we don’t trust a picture, when it looks a bit weird. But “photoshopped” is also a synonym for picture manipulation.

I personally think picture manipulation has got two paths, a bad one where they try to manipulate us with their manipulation, and a good path, where you or we use photoshopping to create new worlds.

Of course, I am dealing with the later one. Certainly I use Photoshop, which  is celebrating its 25th birthday this lovely February in 2015. Why Photoshop? Just because it is the best and most powerful you can get for money in my field.

Some examples of picture manipulation I did can be found in my portfolio. The pictures are inspired by songs or certain subjects. All pictures are made of many different single images. But you can enhance pictures with picture design or create a picture floor.

There are many possiblities!

What’s your advantage of this?

If you are going to do a picture design, you need certain skills how to deal with pictures, how to compose them. These skills will be very useful when we deal with book-covers, posters or even with flyers. Of course, I can also enhance the pictures of your loved ones, no matter if they are humans or furry loved ones.

If you want to know more or need a quote, email me.