Handing out Flyers …

… is a troublesome business. I am still looking for silver bullet in marketing. What is really effective for graphic designers? Tips are more than welcome!

Today I made a walk … no not in the park … in the small streets of my neighborhood.
I found a little wired basket in a corner of my house. Nice to stuff my flyers, postcards and bookmarks in it and hang it on the bike. Continue reading “Handing out Flyers …”

Job Printing


Job Printing

Today I am dealing with the German term “Akzidenz” which originates in the Latin term accidentia = accident.

The English term is “Job Printing”.

Hopefully it really means the same.

What I am talking about is the jobs on occasion just like business cards, letterheads, flyers but also advertisement, sympathy cards or birthday cards. Continue reading “Job Printing”