Mixing fonts: Waiter! I Want A Font-Cocktail!


Mixing fonts

Ever wondered if it is good “Mixing fonts”?

Ghee that was quite an interesting discussion yesterday. Enjoyed it very much.

To answer one of the questions straight ahead:
Yes you can mix fonts.
Actually you somehow want to mix fonts.

Guess everybody knows by now that we need different fonts to get our message out. The right font is part of the message and helps us to communicate with our readers. Continue reading “Mixing fonts: Waiter! I Want A Font-Cocktail!”

How to chose a good font

There are tons and tons of information all around us.
You stumble over posters at the bus stop, the neon sign at the barber shop is pointing out the service, the internet is full of it.
All information is transported with signs, letters, fonts.

You might not think that the way a sign is design is of any importance.
But it is!
And you have to chose the font to transport your information carefully.

Now you might hesitated and think: “How do I know that the font is appropriate?”
Certainly a matter for the expert – the graphic- and media designer or typographer.

There are two reasons – maybe some more – why you should have a little knowledge about this subject  too.
First as the customer you are the one who has to make the final decision.
Second – when creating something like an invitation, writing a letter or an application – you have to make the decision all on your own.

Even if your text program offers you a font, you don’t have to feel obligated to use this. Continue reading “How to chose a good font”