Where do I find photos for my blog?

A picture says more than a thousand words, I hear them often say.
It is true!

And I like to illustrate my blog with pictures.
It helps people to understand the message.

Although I like to take photos on my own, my Casio Exilim is al ways with me, and meanwhile I have a huge stock of photos I made, and I am also able to create certain graphics on my own too, I am not prepared for each and any subject.

Usually people reply the question “Where can I find photos?” by “on the internet, you just have to google it”.
Quite easy right?

No not right!
Because there is a thing called copyright. The internet is full of photos, but I am not allowed to use them.

Sure, you can buy photos. But do you really want to pay 1 Euro for each photo you need?
I can’t afford that.

So free stock photos is the solution.

My favorite one is stock.xchng .
The photos are of really good quality and can even be used for printing.

Other options are:


Haven’t tried the latter ones, just a google-result :)

So what is your way to find good photos?

Photos I used for the illustration are from stock.xchng – Photographers: Andrea Katzenberg, Cris Matei, Crystal Church, Elliot Jordan, Liz West, Lukas, Michael Faes, Nossirom.

6 thoughts on “Where do I find photos for my blog?

    1. flickr with creative commons is another good choice i guess :)
      thanks for the hint wendy.
      have to give flickr a chance :)

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