9 Questions on Pictures

Which format should my pictures have?

I prefer jpg-files.
But you can also send me tiff-files, psd-files or raw image formats.

What size shall my pictures be?

As big as possible.
My camera offers pictures of 3264 x 2448 pixels and a resolution of 72 dpi.
It’s an 8.1 Megapixel camera.

Don’t reduce the pictures! Never!

Help, the picture file is about 20 MB. I can’t send you a file that big, right?

Sure you can send me a picture file of 20 MB.
You can send me even bigger files.
My mailbox has unlimited access.
So don’t worry.

The picture looks not very well, better I will tweak it before sending, right?

Never ever do that please.
That’s my job.
I like the picture the way you have taken it.
I will process it the way, that we will get the best result that is possible.
So trust me and send me the picture just the way it is.

Can you tell me, what they mean by “dpi”?

DPI is measurement for picture resolution.
It means “Dots Per Inch”

So if you have a resolution of 72 dpi it means that you will get 72 dots on an inch.
Or better square inch. We will have the 72 dots wide and high.

300 dpi means 300 dots wide and high.

So a picture with 300 dpi has much more information than a picutre with a resolution of 72 dpi.

Just have a look at the examples. Each is 1 inch wide and high.

[nggallery id=8]


A friend told me that I need 300 dpi for printing, but my camera just does 72 dpi?

Don’t worry.
Today we have very high resolution cameras.
As I told you, mine is a 8.1 Megapixel camera and the pictures are 3264 x 2448 pixel with a resolution of 72 dpi.
If you would print this directly you need a sheet of 1150 x 800 mm or 45” x 31”.

Imageprocessing programs like Photoshop or TheGimp allow us to calculate the pictures.
I will set up the resolution to 300 dpi, the pixels remain the same, but the printing size will come down to 270 x 200 mm / 11”x 8”.

What will be the maximum printing size of my picture?

This depends on the output variable of your camera.
My camera allows me prints in nearly DIN A4 size

12.0 megapixel = 4000 wide x 3000 high => 34 x 25 cm / 13.3” x 10 “

You can check it with the Megapixel calculator


Why can’t we print a picture with 72 dpi in the original size?

It is because we have not enough information.
The picture will be flat and unsharpened.

It won’t represent your product the way it should.

You can compare it to a kitted sweater.
To make it bigger you just can’t simply stretch it.
We need more stitches.


What do you do with my pictures?

I will check them.

Most steps depend on the quality of the picture and what we are going to do with them finally.

Usually I will make your pictures a bit lighter as they are.
If we are going to print, we have to keep in mind, that we have to deal with a certain Dot-gain.
Usually we calculate about 10% more, means the printer uses a bit more color than we actually need.

So a lighter image will look better after being printed.

I will sharpen the picture.

And I will bring the picture to the exact size we need it for our layout.

Anything else you would like to know?
Leave me your question in a comment!


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  1. Great idea of writing a post as a series of questions, Helen! I think I’ll keep this idea in my mind for a future blog post of mine. Won’t be the same subject, of course :)

    1. thanks dear :)

      i guess – if i will know the questions – i will do it again.
      hopefully the readers think it is helpful.
      so yeah use the idea
      and thanks for stopping by – you are the first with a blog of her own
      and now i know that comment luv works :)

  2. How many photos taken with an HD Xperia Arc (8.1 MP) is needed to cover a 4×3 billboard (72 dpi)? answer me please and thank you so much it’s urgent

    1. you can check that out here: Megapixel checker
      coz you are the one who knows the specifications of your camera best.
      i have to admit i have not the faintest idea what a 4×3 billboard is – due to resolution it must be something on the web.
      what units come with the billboard
      my dictionary tells me that a billboard can be a poster or a banner.
      4×3 inches would be pretty small
      the cam you are talking about is part of a sony cell phone

      so tell us a bit more about it

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