Heaven on Fire

Today I am inviting you to watch some of my photos.
I love to take photos. My small digi-cam is always with me.

Recently I have bought a little tripod.
Makes some shots easier.

And I started to experiment with the so-called “Best Shot” equipment of my camera.
There are presets ready installed to enhance certain pictures, like the sports program enhances pictures while the object is moving.

One of the presets is made for sunrises and sunsets.
Sunsets have been my most favorite pictures all the time.

Now I am happy to be able to take them on my own.

All shots have been taken from my apartment.
Some from the living room window, some from my son’s window.

I really love the contrast of them.
Some of them appear like silhouettes in front of an orange-red background.

[nggallery id=9]


11 thoughts on “Heaven on Fire

  1. Hi Helen, some lovely pics!

    I am big into photography, and if you ever do have questions, just ask me.

    1. thanks antoni

      i love your pictures, i guess you know that.
      still experimenting to get the proper suset picture.
      any tipps?

    1. hey michèle

      just a small cam
      a cassio exilim (in pink)
      8.1 Megapixel

      fits right into my jeans pocket

    1. thanks carolina :)
      i also like the silhouette effect.
      the outline of the trees is very familiar for me and now i can watch them in a new way :)

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