How to upload a picture?

There are many places on the internet, where you would like to share a picture.
Some services offer their own webspace – like facebook.
But other services, like forums, want a special link to share the picture.

So you will need an image host, to do that.

Imagehosts are:

Some expect that you register yourself, others work without registration, and hosters like Imageshack offer both options.

Most services are free, as far as I know.
But they provide – more or less aggressive – ads.

I am going to explain the process via Imageshack.
I will explain the different links they provide and where you will use them.

I am not advertising a special service. You have to figure out, which one you like best!

1. Enter the URL into your browser

2. You will see this screen.

3. Top right corner offers the possibility to sign up or login.

If you want to create an account, sign up.
If you already have an account, login.

Having an account will allow you to delete the images as well.

4. Login

When clicking on the Login Button, a little window in the middle of the screen will pop up.


You can type in either your Username or the email-address you used for registering.
And don’t forget your password.


If you want to sign in, which is another name for register, just hit that button and follow the instructions.

After login in, the screen hasn’t changed much.
You will find your user name in the top right corner, and the option to sign out.


Now we are dealing with the middle space of the screen.

5. Media upload.


Luckily we don’t have to do something special, the guys of imageshack programmed everything convenient for us.

But there are other tabs to explore too.

6. Upload area


This is the most important part for us.
The part we need to upload a picture.

You can upload one from your computer, or enter the URL of a picture, you have found in the internet.
This is important for forums. Upload the picture via imagehosting, to spare the original web site from web traffic.
Some IT-providers charge their customer a huge amount of money for web traffic.
If you want to show the funny picture of that cute doggy in your forum, be fair and host it.

If you want to load up a picture from your harddrive, check the button images/video – yes you can host videos too.


If you want to enter a URL, just click on the button url.


We are going to upload a picture from your harddrive.

So check images/video.
And then click on browse


You have to choose the picture you want to upload.

After you have decided which one to take, the screen changes.


Your image or images (you can upload up to 100 files at the same time) are listed in the middle of the upload area.
You can see its name and its size.
You can decide to cancel the upload or you can upload.

But before uploading you can add tags


or choose the image size – nice if you haven’t already reduced your image,


you can label thumbs.


The image will appear with thumbnails and a label with its size.

Finally we are going to hit the upload now button.

upload now

The process is running.

I have decided to reduce the picture, I am uploading, to a size of 320 x 240 pixel.
Imageshack says, this is suitable for websites and emails.

When your picture is uploaded, you will get this screen.

link screen

A preview of your image, name, size.

detaill view

The option to view it full size, to delete it and to add tags (or more if you have already tagged it).

You can also share your image

share image

Facebook, Twitter, Email, Jappy ticker, Reddit, Blogger, meinVZ, more – are the options imageshack provides.
Since I am using a German IP-Addy, the options might be different in other countries.

Now for the important part – the links.

Don’t be afraid, that you can’t see the whole links.
Just click in the space, where the text is. It will mark itself. Than copy it – Mac “command C”, Windows “Strg C” and enter it where ever you want it.

Link – to share via email or IM.

email link

Direct Link

direct link

This is the most important link.
The permanent link of your picture.
This is the one you will need everywhere, and all the other ones are based on it.

Sometimes you have other web options, a site allows you to create a signature … there will be also be a direct link involved. Use this to link to facebook, xing, myspace or where ever.

You can use it in forums, and use their image code.
You can use it to embed the picture to wordpress or blogger …

It is your universal link.


widget link

This link is for widgets, it contains javascript and won’t work in forums.
I have never tried it so far.



A forum usually works with BBCode – which is based on html but the tags work with [ ]

Forum link

Use these for your forum.
The first link shows the full sized picture.


The second one a thumbnail of the picture.


Underneath the marked links you see ALt Forum Code – this is an alternative forum code, you have to try which one works in your forum.




html link

html – the language of the web, you will need this code each and everywhere.
You can differentiate it from BBCode by looking at the brackets. BBCode [tag] – html .

You can also use the thumbnail code.

html code

Although blogs like WordPress are based on html I have had problems with the html-links.

Then I use the Direct Link and hit the img button.

WP img

A little window opens, where I will enter my link, and it will be inserted to WordPress.

insert it here

Now you can leave me a comment and insert a picture into the comment.

One more thing – the picture:
xmas lights


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