A wider Shade of Pink

Today we try to preserve our photos. Most pictures are stored digitally on hard drives, CDs, DVDs or where ever.

No chance for a proper photo to age and get that lovely yellowed tone.

Isn’t that a pity?

No chance to get that charming color but every chance to remain untouched.

The story of our area – everybody wants to be young for ever.

Photos have to.

But wait – there is a chance … not to age, but to get a charming colorful touch like sepia.

It is a printing process that is called “Duotone”.

You print a grayscale picture – a black and white photo – with a second color.

So we will get the wonderful effect of a shade of pink, purple, red …

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2 thoughts on “A wider Shade of Pink

  1. What a wonderland of colors, Helen. In the old days, we could make a photograph sepia using certain paper. Creating a rainbow of colors was not so easy before computers. Thanks for the show.

    1. thank you ann :)
      i admire people who are able to do old fashioned photography with all the exposure stuff.
      on the other hand i am grateful for tools like photoshop :) – creating my own rainbow.

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