Interview: Ruth Seba – the Jewel Queen

Today’s guest is Ruth Seba of SebaSilver. I have met Ruth last year via the blogging challenge and I am proud to say: we became friends. Most of you have seen the wonderful filigree jewels Ruth and her husband Doka create on the wonderful Croatian island Korcula.

Ruth Seba @Seba Silver
Tell us about yourself: (Name, Age, Family, Profession, Education).

Ruth Seba

4 older brothers, three lovely wives of brothers and some nieces and nephews, & now an in-laws family… more brothers & two lovely sisters & more nieces & nephews!

Current ‘profession’ = Jewel Queen ;) & owner of Seba Dizajn a small boutique in sunny Korcula, Croatia. Husband is the creator of all things filigree (Seba Silver)

Education = on-going! Especially where social media & biz promotion is concerned.
I have a Recreation Management degree, from Lincoln University, NZ

Why did you decide on this career/area of study?

I fell in love & fell into this job….
My husband and I opened our own business together a year ago.


What are your 3 favourite things about it?

It’s OURS!

The chance to share Doka’s fabulous jewellery with the world

Meeting people

What are the 2 or 3 least favourite things about it?

The rules we have to follow here – so many of them make little or NO sense – for example we have to pay a 23% luxury tax on all jewellery items sold that we make ourselves – that is in addition to 23% PDV = robbery!!
The tourist season is very short here so we have to rely on a very short time frame to generate our income for the year.

Have you ever changed your carreer?
If so: why?

YES! Love/life it was time for (another) change.

How do you relax after a hard day?

Pizza in the moonlight after a 11 hours shift was popular last summer – often with a glass of wine ;)

What or who helps you when you are feeling really down?


What do you think, makes you strong?

My beliefs & morals

Which book, movie or music would you recommend to our readers?

Goodbye Sarajevo for an interesting insight into refugees lives during the recent war in this region – written by two sisters, very interesting and moving.

You have to leave to an island and can take five items with you.
Which items would that be and why?

Haha – I already live the island life!

What do you first spot when meeting another person?

Hopefully the smile

Do you have a secret talent?


Do you have a website / blog you would like me to promote?

Both… thanks Helen,


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