My favorite Graphic Tools

Welcome to another Top10Thursday: today on graphic tools.

Today I am going to share my favorite Graphic Tools with you, favorite programs and Internet resources.

top graphic tools

#1 of Graphic Tools

First of all I love to work with Photoshop, which one of my  my favorite Graphic Tools
Nearly every graphic I have made so far has been made with Photoshop.
To me Photoshop is my canvas and the mouse is my color and brush.
We first met when Photoshop was quite young. It was called Photoshop 2.0 at that time. Now it is a big girl which is now called Photoshop CS 6 (13.0)

But I know that Photoshop is not the graphic tool for everybody, since it is a bit prizzy.
Therefore I would recommend Gimp to you too. I am not familiar with it – Photoshop you know – but they say that it is similar to Photoshop in some ways and it is free. So give it a try!

#2 of Graphic Tools

Yes my second one is a sister of Photoshop – we are talking Illustrator.

Illustrator is my graphic tool for creating logos. You will get a vector file and this is really great for logos. You can scale them in any way and they will still look great.

This is important for logo design. You will never know where your client is going to use it: business cards, letterheads, flyers, web design, but as well over the shop door, in the window or at the car! Illustrator makes it happen.

#3 of Graphic Tools

This one doesn’t look very graphically, but next to Photoshop it is my most important tool.
Adobe InDesign – no layout without it.
Graphic Design is not only about cool photos and catchy logos – we need a good layout too.
Some people think you can do a proper layout in a text processing software like MS Word. But truth to be told, Word behaves like a diva and tries to force her will on you, sometimes. If you want a good layout and no bad surprises like additional lines or a different make-up than the intended – stick with a layout program like InDesign. Other good choices are QuarkXPress or Scribus

#4 of Graphic Tools

My fourth one is not really a tool. It is a forum where I can get tutorials for anything I like.

PSD-tutorials – it is German! There are also great sites in this field in English too, like: PSDTuts.

Sometimes strolling around all the lovely tutorials, seeing what is possible, is like chocolate shopping. And it will never make me fat!

#5 of Graphic Tools

This is a tool I love so much. – in doubt if your colors are matching?

No problem with colorschemedesigner. You can select tone in tone  mono schemes, complementary schemes, analogic ones and many more.

You even can configure the settings for special color blindnesses – a way to experience the way people with this handicap see colors.

e.g. a scheme in orange (normal)

Graphic Tools: Color Scheem Designer
Graphic Tools: Color Scheem Designer

same scheme with the handicap “Protanopia” – red-blindness!



Just found another tool, a website vischeck where you can check any website how a person with red-, green- or blue-colorblindness see your website.

#6 of Graphic Tools

Not a tool … but a place for leisure and getting inspired!

You can meet me there too … … just stroll around in the different categories, do a quick keyword search, and enjoy all the fantastic ideas people present at

#7 of Graphic Tools

Online tool for picture editing … when you are in a hurry or not at your own computer … might be your choice.

You can simply edit your photos or add some cool vintage filters to them … I have played a bit with it and this is what my neighborhood looks like after adding the filter “Karen” “glitter” and the border “flowery” … isn’t it lovely?



#8 of Graphic Tools

Want to add more effects to photos?

Maybe is your choice too.
Add photoeffects, edit photos or change photos to an artist picture.

You can also add graphics, speech bubbles or frames …

#9 of Graphic Tools

Sumopaint is another online graphic editor. You can change to your favorite language, you can use layers and some features people like at Photoshop.

#10  of Graphic Tools

This is a fun tool. A is a website that creates tiny tags, super stickers, street signs, sing bots ……


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3 thoughts on “My favorite Graphic Tools

  1. Ah, Photoshop. I have had it forever. But, I decided to not go beyond version 5. Because I use it but thrice a year or so- and with that (non)frequency, the effort required to relearn its intricacies exceeds its value for the project.
    And, I hand over that portion of the effort to our industrial designers, who are both more adept and more equipped to the task…(Of course, they may not be available at 3:15 in the morning, but…)

    1. having a good graphic program on your own computer is not a bad thing roy … and if it is only for midnight usages :)
      but it is perfectly ok to say: this will be my latest version.

      guess we both started with similar versions of the program :)

      3:15 your morning is 9:15 my time ;D … just saying ;D

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