TIP: A valid Address for my Post

You know that each of your blog posts has a specific address, so that you can link to that very post. We call that permalink. Have you ever notice the URL of your blog post?
Some blog posts come along with a permalink like http://yourdomain.com/?p=24.
Easy to remember? – I doubt it!

What about http:// yourdomain.com/2012/04/MynewPost?
Better, uh?
Or http:// yourdomain.com/MynewPost?

Ever wondered how to change the appearance of the permalink?

It is easy!

  • Go to your wordpress dashboard
    btw. I am sure that you can change it in a similar way at blogger and other blogs too.
  • Click Settings!
  • At Settings choose Permalinks.

    The URL in your brother will look like:So you can type that into your brower too, instead of going the clicking way!
  • The Permalink-Setting window.
    Chose the version that appeals best to you.

    I have set up my http://helz-design.com blog with month and postname, my http://helzdesign.wordpress.com is set up with day and postname. Although I think the later one does it this way in general!
  • Don’t forget to save the changes!

Never forget – it is all for our readers!


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6 thoughts on “TIP: A valid Address for my Post

    1. i see where you come from, depending on the url of the blog itself, the permalink will get even pretty long in standard version.
      as far as i know some wordpress installations offer short link to use.
      you can shorten the link for tweeting via hootsuite as well … or as you mentioned bit.ly.

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