How to do a Timeline-Cover: Princess in Training

I am going to play a bit with some quotes and fonts I think are appropriate for the very quote. My target is to create some more nice timeline-covers.

Basic is always to use the image-processing program of your choice, in my case Photoshop.
Timeline covers are 850 x 315 pixel, you need a resolution of 72 dpi, since we are going to produce for web. I usually start with a file which has a transparent background.

Make sure that you always work with different layers.

Today I play a bit with the quote: “Princess in Training” …going to make a lovely timeline cover for a girl.

After opening my file I choose a foreground color in the pink range … #c714dc. I chose the tool “gradient” and the so called “Angle gradient”



You have to experiment a bit to set it up the way you want it. I wanted to have the white and light range on the left side, where facebook will add the profile picture. And the really pinkish color on the right side.

Next step is to type the quote and choose a font.

Usually this part … the font choosing not the typing … is a part of try and error or experimentation. I really can’t explain why choosing a certain font, it is a kind of feeling, a matter of taste.

After typing the quote I browsed my open font library and came up with a font called “Twilight New Moon”.


Even if we know a Princess to be part of a royal family, we also know that a girl using this on facebook is not royal, but tends to have a special kind of attitude or wants to poke a bit fun on herself.

I don’t like black font on my pinkish gradient and I don’t want to have those i-dots, so I rasterized the font and erased the i-dots and I added a golden gradient overlay to the font.


I also added an “outer glow” and made it a bit more 3D by using the style “Bevel and emboss”.

We have to add those i-dots back to the quote. It was never meant to be without i-dots, I just wanted them to be different, a bit sparklier. So chose special brush (you can find several brush presets for your image processing program on the web) which is pretty sparkly.


I used them with different distances from my letters..

Looks pretty neat so far.

I didn’t wanted it to be all over pinkish so I used my little sparkle brush again and played with the brush type, the distance of the actual brush, the scattering and shape dynamics, to make the brush just spot certain areas, you can’t exactly define those areas, but it creates a nice effect.

I also added a golden-gradient overlay and an outer glow.


I added a bit more sparkle to the point where my gradient angle of the background starts.


And finally a crown for the Royal Highness:
Photoshop offers me a shape-preset, which contains a crown. I used that one, rasterized it and added the same gradient overlay, outer glow and bevel and emboss style as I used for the “Princess-quote”.


And finially some sparkle for the crown. I added the sparkle on a level behind the crown – actually I just copied the big golden angle-sparkle from the left side 4times.

Voila a nice princess-timeline-cover.



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