Time Strategy

Nearly all Bloggers follow certain strategies in posting. For Bloggers traffic is important. The more traffic the better the blog. Traffic means how many people click to read your blog.

Traffic is the oxygene for bloggers. They are on cloud nine when traffic leads to comments. The feeling they will get, in case of business blogs, if traffic leads to sellings, is indescribable

I am not such a strategic girl. I don’t care so much about traffic and hits. Ok they are interessting, but  heck, if just one person is interested in the story, it is worth while.

My strategy includes blogging times. My German blog is scheduled to 12 pm … right at lunch time.

The English Blog will be posted at 6pm.
Home time in Germany.

Time for 5-o’clock tea in Great Britain.
My friends living at the US-east-coast are on lunch break.

My west-coast friends will have their breakfast coffee and a lovely brekkie. Time for Helz-Design.
And my lovely Australian friends are able to enjoy Helz-Design early in the morning of a brand new day.
I call it „blogging around the world“.

The clock was created with a certain font, which is called: „GA Clock Dial Round“. I used different levels to create the clock. The font is available for free at fontgopher .

What’s your blogging strategy?

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