Staff of the Month April

Beside the fact that Helz-Design is a young and small company, we also got staff. We used to portrait some of them before with pictures and little movies.
Today I would like to introduce a somewhat shy staff member. You know that CEO is female at Helz-Design, the rest of the company stuff is male. We hadn’t planed it like that, it just happened. And yes we would like to change it … in the long run.

Back to our young staff of the month April. As I told you, he is shy, sometimes a bit nerdy. He doesn’t want to see his picture in a public blog. Hopefully I was able to change the picture enough, so you won’t recognize him in the streets.
I abstained from creating a pink dream. Just to spare the feelings of the very male staff, who also doesn’t want to read his name printed (or webbed).
Basically this staff member is still in training, a teenager in the middle of puberty. He couldn’t resist the siren call of gold or money.
What is his range of duty at Helz-Design?
Sometimes he helps our staff of the month October to do his very job – soothing CEO. Means: staff of April upsets CEO, staff of October soothes CEO.
Some might say: “Oh cool, necessary now and then.” Personally I have a different opinion.
Sometimes he helps staff of November in technical support. But we have to watch out. Our young staff is so full of juvenile enthusiasm that he tends to bogart the whole technique. You can find nearly all the USB-wires on his desk. I am still missing an USB-Stick.
When it comes to teaching – he is really full of great knowledge – he sticks more to “Hand it over to me, I will do it”, then to the Ready-made-DIY-tutorials Helz-Design is famous for. As I told you, still in training.
Besides that one of his most important task is, to be a part-time PR-guy. He is the one who helps to hand out all the flyers.
I really love that, a great relief.
My eyes use to watch him with unconditional motherly love. He has lovely, great, fantastic skills (no I am not biased). When he is in the right mood he acts responsible towards anything. He cares for fresh milk in the fridge and he is able to run the show for a weekend on his own.
And then there is the moment, when he will need my whole support. But this is a different story, which won’t be told in this blog.