Handing out Flyers …

… is a troublesome business. I am still looking for silver bullet in marketing. What is really effective for graphic designers? Tips are more than welcome!

Today I made a walk … no not in the park … in the small streets of my neighborhood.
I found a little wired basket in a corner of my house. Nice to stuff my flyers, postcards and bookmarks in it and hang it on the bike.


Well, the bookmarks … left in the picture … felt very comfortable to fall out of the basket. Maybe the gap between the wires is to broad for them.

Fixed the basket to the bike and then I made my walk. My feet are still burning.


There are quite some companies hiding themselves among the residential houses. They now own a lovely flyer from me.
And all the non-companies got a great bookmark.

I was out for 2 hours. One side of the road up … the other side of the road down.