Workinghours and Self-employed people

Many people might think that a working hour of a self employed person is really expensive. For example, we at Helz-Design charge for a graphic-design hour 60 €. Yes, it is a lot of money, especially when a normal worker earns about 10 or 15 € per hour.
Normal workers tend to multiply the hourly rate of their handy man or graphic-designer with the usual working hours they have to spend in their job.
So on a 40 hours week they think, Helz-Design earns up to 2,400 € – how cool!

So in a month Helz-Design must earn 4 x 2,400 € = 9,600 € … they are going to be richt at Helz-Design.
Would be lovely.
We are not that greedy as we seem to be. Oh no!
Being self-employed you usually work hard, and many hours, and we don’t get paid for all hours we work, in contrast to a clerk.
Among self-employed people there is a saying, that you are pretty good when you are able to sell every 2nd working hour.
Going back to our example, we are good when we are able to earn 4,800 € per month.
This is only possible when we are able to sell 20 hours per week graphical work for 60 € per hour!

How is the working time of Self-employed people spend?

Ok about 50 % is payed work.
So there is also a 50 % part of unpaided work.

Some examples for unpaid work:

  • office work e.g.
    writing bills
    writing reminders
    doing accounts
    ordering material
  • Marketing and customer acquisition
    Social Media
    handing out flyers
    gaining new customers
  • meetings with customers
  • further educations

This is quiet a bunch, right?
And even if the self-employed earns more money than the clerk, you have to keep in mind that he has to care for all insurances by himself. There is no continued pay when being ill or on holiday. And everything that is needed for working is not paied by a kind boss, it has to be done by himself.
So you don’t earn much of any sold working hour.
And even a self-employed grafik-designer needs some free time in the evening, at the weekend or even some holidays now and then.