Paper has its weight

… and usually it is pretty heavy. You will know it, if you ever have carried a bag pack filled with your journal, a notebook and one or two books.
But do you really know how heavy paper is?

In Germany they measure paper with gramm per square meter. Ok, but that doesn’t make it easier to figure out how heavy the very sheet or postcard is.
I don’t have a scale in my house, neither for letters nor for humans. But I wanted to know, for my Christmas letters. And I searched the web and found a fantastic tool.
Paper Weight Calculator.
First you have to choose your system, „metric“ or „Standard“
You can click on the size of the paper or set it via the little sliders.

You enter the grammage via slider and the numbers of sheets


and … voila … you know how much the very bunch of sheets weights.

I love it.