Dragonmaid and Dragonfire

There are outer and inner stories in a picture. It is easy to tell the outer story. Usually it is just a framework of thoughts and words. Words, that might have been a present.
To find a way to the inner story is not easy. You have to take a close look, listen to your heart when the picture starts to whisper softly.
And sometimes it is even more difficult to become aware of the softly whisper of the heroes in a picture and what‘s more if a mighty dragon is involved.
Who is the true heroe in this game? The dragon? The maid?
You will find out, if you are willing to have a close, a very close look and if you are trying to look behind the fog.
It started a long time ago, a very long time ago. At a time when men used to be men and dragons lived in our world.
At that time the fair Viking maid Aileen lived at the lake of tears deep in the forest. Her true love was Edan, the firey man. But it happened, that the black witch Coira cursed a spell on firey Edan and shapeshifted him to a mighty firey dragon. Edan dared to chose Aileen over Coira. Coira was mad, mad of jealousy and mad of anger. That made her to curse Edan.
But true love can‘t be destroyed, even if there is Dragon fire and witch curses involved.
Edan, the dragon and Aileen, the fair maid used to live in their enchanted world on the lake, hoping that the mighty lightning, seen at the summer solcite will change Edan back to his human shape.
Will it ever happen?

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boatdragonmaidstormy clouds (somewhat invisible) – forest