T-Shirts – lovely with quotes



I love T-Shirts with quotes in them. They are lovely, they are funny, they make it easy to start  a nice chat. Unfortunately some German quotes won’t work in English and some English quotes won’t work in German, just like my favorite German quote:


Ich habe Fantasien mit 2 Männern!

Einer kocht,
der andere putzt!


Suggested translation is:

I have some hot and dirty fantasy with 2 men!

One is cooking,
the other one cleaning.

call me picky, but the English translation doesn’t make me laugh the same way as the German quote.

So what is your favorite T-Shirt quote?

Looking for some really funny ones.

Leave me a comment either in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Finnish ………

if you are choosing not German or English … just add a translation in one of the two languages.

I am going to design some funky shirts :D