WordPress-Tip: Optimize your Headline for SEO – It is easy!

Sometimes I see people using quiet long, elaborated headlines for their wordpress blog. And you know that these headlines are usually not very SEO friendly! So what to do?

You don’t have to prevent yourself from  writing long headlines, which express your thoughts so properly. You just have to tweak the permalink.

How to do that?

First type your headline as usual!

WordPress Headline

After a while you will see underneath the permalink. It starts with “websitename/date/title”. I suppose you have already adjusted your settingspermalinks already!

Next step:

WordPress SEO

Click edit and type your new headline. Now make it short and simple. I have used in our case: “wordpress-tip-optimize-headline”. Don’t forget to hit the ok button!

Click ok! And now you have a fine permalink, which makes it easier to be found properly!

wordpress optimize headline