Graphic-Design: Rapunzel



Rapunzel – Source

Rapunzel is a picture of the so called DarkArt genre. The more common pictures are much more darker. Personally I like the more subtle style. The horror, that happens in broad daylight, the nice and cute little girl or boy, that stabs you from behind.

The details about Rapunzel. The task was “the evil in Grimm’s fairy tales”. Grimm’s are full of more or less subtle horror and evil, just think of the evil stepmother in Snowhite. Or Hansel and Gretel, where the kids are send to the forest to starve.

And on the other hand there is usually the beautiful princess getting saved by the prince: e.g. Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel, even if she wasn’t a pricness.

Good versus evil, but nobody is just good or just evil.

So I thought: how can something obviously good be evil? And all of a sudden “Rapunzel let your hair down” came to my mind.

Rapunzel is captured on top of a tower, her lover comes around with his motorbike (we are living in modern times, so no milk white steed), they are having fun, because he is climbing on top of the tower by the help of her long hair. Before climbing up to Rapunzel the prince has murdered the evil witch, who  doesn’t want them to be together. She is laying stretched down at the bottom of the tower.

But Rapunzel is not what she seems to be. After the act was done she mutates to a black widow, murdering her toyboy by hanging him with her long hair.

The background is a picture I shot in Helsinki. The tower is located close to the beach in Eira, and an eternal flame is glowing at the top. I took the picture in the setting evening sun, which added a lovely golden glow to the picture.

Rapunzel is a model, I found at DeviantArt.

The prince has been created via Poser by my friend Minaya of Minayas-Studio.

After knocking out all the backgrounds, I located Rapunzel on her tower and adjusted the Prince. Now I had to let down Rapunzel’s hair, which was done by a special hair-brush painting strands, which I did in different sizes and colors, and finally I tore the loop around the prince’s neck.

Motorbike and evil witch has also been found on DeviantArt.

Finally I had to adjust the light, mainly for Rapunzel and her Prince.

The mood of the picture has been created via different colorlookups in various opacity. Then I painted a vignette and sharpend the picture.