Graphic-Design: DRK Fröndenberg

DRK Fröndenberg Poster
DRK Fröndenberg

In August I got a question from the Localgroup of the German Red Cross DRK in Fröndenberg. They were looking for an A4 poster, to gain more members. That was the starting situation.

At first we had a nice phone call, to chat about everything they needed and had in mind. I suggested beside having the A4 poster, also to create an A5 flyer based on the poster, to hand it our. Just to make the DRK Fröndenberg more popular and well known.

Then I have send them my quota, a fixed price, as we usually do it with such projects at Helz-Design. This price included the converting to the A5-flyer as well. I also looked up several printing options and prices in different runs. Then we decided to work together.

Their main idea was: “The poster should be dynamic and should make people aware that the issue is serious”.

How did I work?

At first I have searched the web to find a Stylesheet of the DRK. Even if the local comittee Fröndenberg is a small group, the German Red Cross is a very big organization. And big organiziations have stylesheets for fonts, appearance, tagging, colors, fontsizes etc. Just in case that you wonder, where this mystical Fröndenberg is located. It is a small town at the edge of the Sauerland and Ruhr-Area in Northrhine-Westfalia in western Germany.

I don’t want to bore you with the details, but the corporate font of the DRK are some styles of the Helvetica, the stylesheet told me as well about the distance: logo vs text, the corporate color was a certain pantone red, which had to be converted 100% magenta and 100% yellow for 4c-printing.

The press-spokesman also collected some pictures from the intern DRK-picture-database. That was really great work he did. All the pix met all the demands for printing. Thanks again!

My plan was to work as much with the DRK-red as a signal color as possible. I just wanted the poster to jump right into the eye of the passing by pedestrians.

We had to make sure, that the text was legible. Text is legible, when the contrast is great. Great contrast is achived best with black and white, black text on white paper! That meant: a good part of the poster had to remain white, for the black text. Even if you have a lot of space on an A4 page, but you need some bigger fontsizes as usual, coz the text should also be legible from the distance. So we choose a Helvetica bold 44 pt for the headline, a 24 pt  for the subheadline and a 14 pt size for the bodytext, following also the rules of the stylesheet.

It was really important for me to work with as much red as possible, so I also tagged the the eye-catcher dots in red and the main headline too. The local comittee liked it. Then I adapted the roundness of the dots for the half ellipse of the background and for the round frames of the pix.

The slogan should be “Wir brauchen DICH” – “We need you”. There is a certain US-ad by Uncle Sam “We want you”, that popped right to my eye. There is a person who is pointing with the index finger right to the beholder of the poster. But there was no person on a pic of the DRK in such a pose. That’s why we only added finger and hand to the poster.

I have to praise the local comittee of DRK Fröndenberg double. Not that these guys delivered right from the start excellent pictures, they also topped that. At one group evening they did a special photoshooting just for the poster, and surprised me the next day with excellent, home made pix, which I loved to include.

It was a pleasure to work with their press-spokesman. I really enjoyed working for and with the DRK Fröndenberg.

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