Graphic-Design: Midnightglow


Todays picture has been made in summer. Sources for the used pix in the pic can be found as always at  DeviantArt.

What’s behind the picture?

Actually I have made this picture for a contest at Default was a picture of a banana. The technical jargon for such a default is “stock”. Most important: Stock should be recognizable but you don’t have to use all the details. That’s why I ate the banana and just kept and used the peel.

Even more important to me this time was dealing with light, and how to change a daylight picture into an nightlight picture

My basic was this picutre, which had been taken in May on the Finnish island Lauttasaari:




As you  might see: I didn’t use the full heights of the picture. At first I cropped the sky, coz I wanted to use a different sky. And yeah, cropping out the many tiny twigs just drove me crazy. And when I was nearly done, not with cropping but with the whole picture, somebody started to talk about “golden ratio” and “changing the horizon”, and I was think “what the hell, am I really that nuts”? Will get closer to that a few sentences later.

Some of the little twigs had to be over painted by a darker color. I made this looking a bit more harmonic by using a special level style. I really didn’t know how many light elements are on a twig, that belongs to the twig aka they are not sky, but have to be adjusted, if you want to have the picture darker.

At some point everything was done due to my satisfaction. New sky check, I even managed to fit in a moon, which followed the natural light of the daylight scene. It just shined in the same way as a non visibal sun set light onto the sea.

I have darkened trees, beach and water.

But what to do with the banana peel? I have to admit that I work at times not that  structured as other artist. Either I got an idea in my head, which I have to follow by all means, as it happens with the some of the songs of Sunrise Avenue. In that case I got a picture in my mind, which I have to create, no matter how. Or I start with adjustments like I did with this picture, just because I want to try them. The I have to think really hard, how to place the claimed element. I have to confess: I rather like to work without default stocks.

After some brainstorming a lamp popped into my mind. A lamp with a banana peel shade. I thought it might be a good idea to use an oil lamp as a basic and my feeling claimed: put er into the middle of the sea. Yeah sure, it couldn’t swim. That’s why I took a rock from another Helsinki picture, cut it out and placed it into the sea. No problem and no disturbances at all, coz there were already some minor rocks in the original picture.

When placing the new rock, I needed to adjust a reflection as well for the rock as for the lamp. The lamp also needed some shadow and for sure some glowing. The glowing needed a reflection on the sea and the smaller rocks.

Finally the peel was placed on the lamp, like a shade. Wasn’t that difficult at all. But just a simple peel looked a bit stupid, so it got a fashion suit with a metal texture.

Now you might ask: what does a lamp do in the middle of the sea, and why the heck is it wearing a banana peel? Answer: it was the wish of the artist. :)

Now we are back to the moment when somebody started to whisper about “Golden Ratio”. Following these whispers would have meant a lot more work cropping more tiny twigs. Did I really wanted that? No, hell no! I am done!

Ok so lets figure out what “Golden Ratio” is good for. By using it, you might be able to control how the beholder looks at your picture. What he will see first, and second etc.

But hey, how can you gain more attention than with a glowing lamp with a banana peel shade in the middle of the Baltic sea?