Graphic-Design: Posti




Yes, that’s right, we are talking about the post today.

The stuff you see in the background reminds me of the catalog of a very famous Scandinavian furniture company, which you also can find in Finland.

The frame on in the middle? Hey that’s a parcel :)

What do post office do? Making happy customers, particularly these days. Order everything online,  posti will deliver it to you, and your every day life gets so much easier:  sujavampi arki.

In Germany the major color of the Post is yellow, if you are living in a country where DHL is serving, you have seen that color before.

The Finnish posti is also colored yellow, but a more dark yellow, or lets tell truth: orange! I love orange, that’s why this poster caught my attention immidately.

I really like the way they are playing with the postlogo in the ad. Usually the logo is devided in 2 parts by a small line between the upper and lower part. You find the same small line in the parcel of the ad. The ribbon of the parcel, which wraps up our life, can be find as an i-dot in Posti as well :).

I really love this poster.