Colors and Psychology: Red – Blue – Yellow

Last week we started our little article series about colors psychology and had a closer look at color circles
Today we will get a bit closer to the matter how colors affect us by dealing with red, blue and yellow. Our good old friends from our color box.
So grab a brush and lets start! :D

Color Psychology – Color Association


Lets start with red. 20% of all German people call red their favorite color.

Red is a really strong and expressive color which is often uses as a signal color. Just think of the Stop-Sign in traffic: Attention, just to this point and no further crossing!
Red card on the football field wich just means: go away NOW!
You see, red as a signal color is usually used for prohibition.

Colorpsychology Rot Stop

In Nature we find red everywhere. You all know red flower, our blood is red. Red is linked with passion, energy, but as well with love, whose symbol is a red rose.

Sensuality, lust of live, all connected with red.
Companies who want to be regarded as dynamic, choose usually red for a logo. And 24% of the companies have chosen red to be the only or at least major color of their website.

What else is connected wih red?

Every thing, and every color has two sides: a positive one and a negative one.
Sure these are valutations or in the negative field: devaluations. Sometimes the so called negative side can be attractive too.
Red is used to warn about the dangers in life!
Notions like “red light quarter” remind us of the sinnful activities in these areas.
We blush, due to better circulation, when making love.
I guess, it is easy to understand, while red is considered a warm color. Not only because red is the color of fire too.

Red, real carmine red is made of scale insects. To get about 1 kg red color you need more than 100.000 scale insects. Or in other terms: 1 kg insects make 50 g of the color. That’s why red or crimson, cardinal red I the most expensive color in the world.
Nowadays colors are created artifically. But since the creation of read was so expensive, it is kind of consistent that only kings where allowed to wear red coats or the dukes of the church aka cardinals. It is still todays custom.
Ok, another guy is wearing a red coat too, Santa Claus, who was invented by a company with e red logo. Not really invented, coz everybody knows that Santa or as he is called in finnish: Joulupukki is living in Lapland.

Santa in a red suit
Santa Claus / Joulupukki

Santa gives a lot of joy and warmth during the cold wintertime, and he also needs a lot of energy during his big trip around the world in just one night. It is right to let him wear a red suit.

When thinking of red, we not only have companies like coca-cola or youtube in mind,we might also think about the passionated fight of communism, which used a red flag.

Red Rasperries
Red Rasperries



Blau begegnet man auch immer und überall im täglichen Leben. Als erstes fällt jedem ein, dass der Himmel blau ist. 38 % aller Deutschen sagen, das Blau ihre Lieblingsfarbe ist.

Blue sky – the first idea of blue
Blue sky – the first idea of blue

You just can’t not get into touch with blue!
Blue is the color of the sky or water, although the sea is usually more grey or green. Blue is also the color for longing, yearning. Just imagine the long view over the ocean into the distance. I feel yearning when imaging it.
Blue is to color of faith, loyality, safety, trust and relaxation.
I guess you all know these little flowers: forgetmenot, in wonderful light blue and a symbole of loyality. “Don’t forget me” :)

Blue Forgetmenot
Blue Forgetmenot

A trip into the blue means a kind of escape from reality, to relax and have fun.
There are many associations connected with blue.
Just think of the blue blood of the nobles.
Not sure how it handled in other contries, but in Germany school sends your parents a letter in a blue envelope to inform them, that there are problems for their kids.

On the minus side: blue is considered to be boring, maybe to much relaxation? You can’t do anything wrong with blue clothes, just as with beige ones. But nobody will notice you.

Blue Jean
Blue Jean

Advertising uses blue to express securness and trust. Have you every realized how many insurance companies and banks are using a blue logo, just like “Deutsche Bank”, “Nordea” or “Bank of Ameria”. Toothpast, electrical tooth brushes or skin cream like Nivea is usually sold in blue packaging. Blue is used to symbolize purity, as it also symbolizes it in the huge market of tablewaters.
Marketing departments are somewhat clever!
28% of all websites are blue!



Yellow is fanstastic. I like yellow, although it is not my favorite color. But heck, what reminds you more of a summer day, than yellow? Ok, maybe the very blue sky on a hot summer day, without the sign of a cloud. But the most fantastic thing is: sunshine!
When I recall the pictures of my childhood, the ones I used to paint in kindergarden or preschool, they all had the big yellow sun in the right hand corner in common.
Yellow is regarded to be the color of liveliness, vitality, joy, optimism, wisdom, eternity or desire for freedom.

yellow sunlight
yellow sunlight

But yellow is also the color of envyness and egoism.
A a signal color it is used for traffic signs or as barrier tape. And the yellow card in sports is a kind of warning before it gets really serious with red.
A very deep, warm yellow, which is usually called golden yellow radiates sympathy.

Thats why some companies use exact this special color as house color. Geman and Finnish post are using yellow. Other companies like a well known swedish furniture supplier are using the combination blue and yellow: trust and sympathy. But I am also thinking of the swedish flag.

Schwedische Flaggge
Schwedische Flaggge

Nature is full of yellow: yellow wheat, yellow lemons, yellow flowers, yellow corn.


Yellow is the favorite color of 5% of all men.
And 5% of all websites use yellow!

Picture Credits:
All pix by Pixabay