New Calendar out!!!

Helsinki Secrets Revealed – New Calender 2019

So proud to announce that the new calendar 2019 is out!

Made it from that project series: Helsinki Secrets Revealed, which you can find here.

Here some impressions of the calendar  – all as slideshows!

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Calendar is A4 and has 13 pages!

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The days are in German and Finnish, including the major holidays for both countries.

Here some details of the days:

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If you are interested in a calender, drop me a line.



1 calendar A4 10,– € + Shipping

Shipping to Germany 2 € / calender

Shipping to Finland 4 € / calender

Shipping days: 8–10 days

Payment via paypal, will let you know after ordering.

Due to printing prices I need at least 5 orders to make the 10 € happen, a single printed calendar costs 15 € + shipping.