How to make your picture feel comfortable

We all love to have pictures on the blog. It looks so much better and more interesting.
But it is not only about adding pictures to the blog, we want it to look cool too.

Uploading pictures

First you have to upload you picture.

Hit the camera-button:

click “Select file” …

… and upload your picture.

Now you have to select one out of four way to align your picture. Continue reading “How to make your picture feel comfortable”

WordPress More tag: Add the right Tag and save Space

A new WordPress Tip: WordPress more tag


When browsing the blogs of some of my fellow bloggers, I see now and then blog homepages with large and extended posts. Actually the whole blog post appears on the very first page, followed by the similar extended previous blog posts.

When the blogger allows the last 10 posts on the 1st page  it makes a long way to scroll down to reach the bottom of the page.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel!

The wonderful programmers of WordPress – and I bet those of other blogging software too – have thought about it and added an option to the format tags to reduce the posts on the homepage.

You will find it right in the first formatting line when running the blog entry in visual mode. Continue reading “WordPress More tag: Add the right Tag and save Space”