As you are working in a publishing company, I don’t have to explain the whole process of book production. You will know it, as well as I know it, due to long term experience.

My experience in book making and journal production has been going now for nearly a quarter of a century. I started when DTP was born. My career includes positions at exposure studios, filmsetting companies and the good old DTP-Studio in the 90s.

My experience in making books covers the range from novels, non-fiction books, scientific and academic books and journals including mathematical-technical equations.

No matter what you require, it will be no problem for me to handle long term issues of a book series, to create big dictionaries or lexicons or to care for a journal for years.

What’s your advantage?

Apart from my long term experience I also have great knowledge of current software. At the moment I am working with InDesign CC 2017. Rest assured that your projects will be created with the latest software. I will deliver ready to print to your office or to the print shop of your choice.

You will get an individual quote based on a price per page.

Just send me an e-mail  and I will call you back.