Are you a Writer?

You wrote a book?

Fantastic! It would be great shame, if your fantastic book was hidden in a drawer or got lost on your hard drive. So why not publish it?

“How?” you might ask now.

There are many possibilities. A couple of years ago you could have only contacted a publishing company, but if the manuscript wasn’t accepted, it was very frustrating for the author.

Today there are even fewer chances that your book will be published by one of the publishing companies. It is not because your book is not good enough or that you are not a skilled writer. Truth to be told: there are too many out there!

No need to get desperate.
You can publish your book on your own.

I hear you say “How?”

It’s easy. Just ask me.

You have more than one possibility.

One is the so called “book on demand service”. We will upload your ready layouted book at the service provider. You can buy the printed books at a reasonable price per unit. Then you can sell the books with shop price. And everybody can order your book via bookshops.

You might ask yourself now: “How shall I deal with that? I am an author?” Yes, and beside being an author you do so many wonderful things in your life, but I bet book layouting and dealing with book on demand services may not be included. No problem. You don’t have to learn this, you got me. All  this is part of my life. I am ready to help you.

I will create a wonderful individual layout for you, a bookcover. During the whole process I will be at your side and will answer all your questions, I will order an ISBN if necessary (most book on demand services offer ISBNs), will handle the whole printing process.

Another possibility is an e-book. I will be at your side in this process too.

You know what?
Just send me an e-mail and we can chat about it on the phone!