WordPress More tag: Add the right Tag and save Space

A new WordPress Tip: WordPress more tag


When browsing the blogs of some of my fellow bloggers, I see now and then blog homepages with large and extended posts. Actually the whole blog post appears on the very first page, followed by the similar extended previous blog posts.

When the blogger allows the last 10 posts on the 1st page  it makes a long way to scroll down to reach the bottom of the page.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel!

The wonderful programmers of WordPress – and I bet those of other blogging software too – have thought about it and added an option to the format tags to reduce the posts on the homepage.

You will find it right in the first formatting line when running the blog entry in visual mode. Continue reading “WordPress More tag: Add the right Tag and save Space”

WordPress Tutorial: Help the Commenter

here is a little WordPress Tutorial  for you:

Last Thursday I moaned a bit about the pain of commenters.

The desire to interact, to communicate with the blogger, which is sometimes not really possible.

But it is easy for us bloggers to help our reader, our commenter to interact.

We all love the little checkbox “Notify me of follow-up comments via emailContinue reading “WordPress Tutorial: Help the Commenter”

WordPress Tip – Schedule your Article

Today I am going to share a WordPress Tip with you, which saves me a lot of time.

I can write my blog articles whenever I have time and use the wordpress schedule option to publish them at date and time I want them to go online.

WordPress Tip: Scheduling via WordPress

If you explore your blog you will find that function easily.

I will show you how to do it with WordPress. Continue reading “WordPress Tip – Schedule your Article”

How to upload a picture?

There are many places on the internet, where you would like to share a picture.
Some services offer their own webspace – like facebook.
But other services, like forums, want a special link to share the picture.

So you will need an image host, to do that.

Imagehosts are:

Some expect that you register yourself, others work without registration, and hosters like Imageshack offer both options. Continue reading “How to upload a picture?”