Helen Bogun

I was born and raised in the western German area called Sauerland.
It is common saying that people from that area are somewhat stubborn. Maybe because we are so close to Westphalia. They are also said to be silent, hard drinking  and resentful. Some of these attributes are not really mine.
Not very silent and not resentful.

My stubbornness, which I like to compare to  Finnish SISU, made me  learning the Finnish language just on my own more than eight years now. Maybe one feature of a native Sauerländer is also an iron butt. This helped to survive the catholic high school run by nuns and it also helped to go through several universities in Essen and Berlin, through subjects like Communication Science, English, Journalism, Politics, Construction and even Economics.
Not sure which weird brain twist urged me in the halls of economic studies. Finnish words dealing with that subject give me always a hard time learning.
Art and culture are the exact opposite.

The iron butt and my stubbornness  also helped to survive the never ending reports about the “Schützenvereine” and “Schützenfeste” in my home town Menden. These gun clubs and their annual marksmen’s festivals are a big tradition in that area. At least my hometown had at that time around 25 clubs of that type. Not that I am eager to attend festivals like that, not my kind, not my music. It was the job, as a journalist of the local news paper.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details in my life. As everybody I had to deal with a lot of fun and a lot of crab.
My life includes a lot of tables, mathematical formulas, new challenges, fonts and pixel.
You should never tell me about new font sites, I have already over 94.000 – including tons of styles and faces, font families and also font weirdness – on my hard disc. I can get lost on a font site as other people get lost in a candy store or a labyrinth.

And my passion for pixel – most of this site is about it. Just have a look and enjoy it.

One more thing!
Helz is a nickname wonderful Australian friends gave to me. So I made it a program.