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Want to make a good first and also second impression with your book? No matter if you are an author or a publisher? We are offering great and individual layout, based on our 20 years experience in book and journal layout. Lets make a good book from your text!


The art of type is an important and integral part in designing your print- and web projects, to make sure that your texts are legible. We happily advice you to chose the right font for your projects.

Digital Art

Digital Art, a kind of fashion? We think it is a kind of art of modern times. Neither oil, water color nor brush is the tool to create, but Photoshop, mouse and graphic tablet. We create new worlds, reinvent pictures newly or just design your book cover.


Today a website can be more important than a posh suit.

We create your website via WordPress, a very user friendly CMS (Content Management System).

When we have finished our work, we will educate you, how to use it, so that you will be able to change content easily on your own.

Corporate Design

Corporate Design walks together with Corporate Identity. We are talking about the visual appearance of your company, your organization, your publisher or yours as an author. CD/CI is not only for the big fishes in the lake. Even small companies need an uniformly appearance, to exist in today’s business world. We help you with it!


You always wanted to learn Photoshop, WordPress or other programs?

We offer individual  software-training.

We will be willingly give lectures in front of a broader audience.

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