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Want to make a good first and also second impression with your book? No matter if you are an author or a publisher? We are offering great and individual layout, based on our 20 years experience in book and journal layout. Lets make a good book from your text!


The art of type is an important and integral part in designing your print- and web projects, to make sure that your texts are legible. We happily advice you to chose the right font for your projects.

Digital Art

Digital Art, a kind of fashion? We think it is a kind of art of modern times. Neither oil, water color nor brush is the tool to create, but Photoshop, mouse and graphic tablet. We create new worlds, reinvent pictures newly or just design your book cover.


Today a website can be more important than a posh suit.

We create your website via WordPress, a very user friendly CMS (Content Management System).

When we have finished our work, we will educate you, how to use it, so that you will be able to change content easily on your own.

Corporate Design

Corporate Design walks together with Corporate Identity. We are talking about the visual appearance of your company, your organization, your publisher or yours as an author. CD/CI is not only for the big fishes in the lake. Even small companies need an uniformly appearance, to exist in today’s business world. We help you with it!


You always wanted to learn Photoshop, WordPress or other programs?

We offer individual  software-training.

We will be willingly give lectures in front of a broader audience.

Our projects

once upon a time, sheep where living in esplanadi puisto
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Making of Maija Luusua

Today I want to show you, how digital art pictures are created. A couple of month ago I showed you the “making of I love Helsinki”. Some elements are similar, […]

Colors and Psychology: Cyan and Magenta

Now we are at the end of our little series. Today we have a look at the other two colors, which are necessary for printing with CMYK: Cyan and Magenta.

Color and Psychology: Grey, White, Black

And another step into the world of color and psychology, today it is grey, white and black. Sounds a bit monotonous, but it is not.

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Our clients

What our clients say

We have worked with Helen for several small graphic design projects for our jewellery business. I am very happy to recommend her work, friendly and on-time service with a great end result. I really appreciated how quickly Helen responded to all my emails regarding our vouchers and logo work – and her ability to understand all our requests for small changes. We look forward to working with Helen in the future.

Ruth Seba

Ruth Seba

Marketing Head @SebaSilver

You have helped me so smashing building my blog and with social media. I remember very well, that I had a vague imagination, how the logo might look like. Well, you have been the one, who  suggested a logo. You have said, that it is very helpful for the brand recognition. I was so green in this field. I just had an idea and wanted to market in the www. Everything which is Strickpate today, in the web, is due to you. And also the connected success.

My vague babbling, how I can imagine the logo, had been transformed by you to a real logo, before you could say Jack Robinson. This never happened to me before and again, that a person is able to visualize my verbal expression so quickly and so well.



Manager @Strickpate

Our skills

A short overview of some of our skills. This is just an assorted sample, coz the theme only allows five skills. We are improving our skills everyday for your benefit.




CEO & Art Director
  • Graphic & Media-Designer, Assistant, Operator, Author, Journalist
  • handles the can opener and makes tea
  • loves Finnish and hates the gender_gap
  • will reply to your e-mails, handles your projects


on the ironing board
  • relaxed, sometimes a bit shy
  • hates loud music and sneezing
  • loves to play
  • loves dried food, ham, tuna
  • eats gingerbread, egg waffles and even rübenkraut-breads


climbs on top of the printer
  • somewhat serious
  • is usually astonished, who somebody older than three months is able to play
  • loves deer ragout and ham, but can be contented with salmon too
  • highly interested in technique

A word from our art director

We are visualizing your ideas. Sometimes there is just a hunch, how it could be in the end. We are happy to help, to get hold of these hunches and ideas and to make them happen. Trust our over 20 years experience in print- and web design. Yours sincerely Helen Bogun
Helen Bogun

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